086170B: Rear suspension bush kit 086170B

SKU: 086170B
Available on backorder (5-20 work days)


Available on backorder (5-20 work days)
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KIT ID: 086170B

Name: Rear suspension bush kit

Acura RSX 01-06
Honda Civic 01-06 EP1 EP2 EP3 EP4 EU5 EU6 EU7 EU8 EU9 EV1 EM2 ES4 ES5
Honda CR-V 02-06
Honda Element 03-11
Honda Integra DC5 01-06
2 x 081574B Rear trailing arm front bush
2 x 081575B Rear suspension inner lower bush
2 x 081576B Rear lower arm outer front bush
2 x 081577B Rear lower arm outer rear bush
2 or 4 x 081578B Rear suspension bush*
2 or 0 x 081579B Rear upper arm inner bush*
2 x 081581B Rear anti roll bar bush

Pcs/prod: 14

Required/car: 1

  • NOTE!
    Before buying bush, select the right combination for your model.
    Fixing screws bushes are available in several sizes.  

  • Civic
    081575, 081576 – 12mm

  • CR-V
    081575, 081576 – 12mm

  • Element
    081575, 081576 – 14mm

  • Integra
    081575, 081576 – 12mm


*Depending on the model, you need 2 x 081578B and 2 x 081579B or 4 x 081578B for the car.

2 x 081578 i 2 x 081579
ACURA – RSX 01-06
HONDA – CIVIC 01-06, INTEGRA 01-06

4 x 081578
HONDA – CRV 02-07, ELEMENT 03-11

Before adding to the basket, check the quantity needed for your model.
(see the attached diagram D0816)

Measure Anti Roll Bar diameter before placing order. 

For mounting bush 081574 you need reuse old metal parts from your original bushes.
Details of the assembly shown in the attached photo.


Hardness: 80ShA


To every product we add grease!

Additional information

Weight 2,296 kg


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