106176B: Rear suspension bush kit 106176B

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Available on backorder (5-20 work days)


Available on backorder (5-20 work days)
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Reference: 106176B

Product name: Rear suspension bush kit

Fits to:

  • Mazda RX-8 (03-12) SE3P


  • 2x 101675B: Rear trailing arm front bush
  • 2x 101676B: Rear trailing arm rear bush
  • 2x 101677B: Rear upper – front arm bush
  • 2x 101678B: Rear lower – front arm bush
  • 2x 101679B: Rear upper – rear arm bush
  • 2x 101680B: Rear lower – rear arm bush
  • 2x 101681B: Rear anti roll bar bush 35mm
  • 2x 101706B: Rear anti roll bar bush 27mm


  • D1006


  • There are two heights of the rear anti roll bar bushing, 101681 35mm and 101706 27mm. Please check the height of the bushing before placing order.

Required/car: 1

Pcs / prod: 1

Pcs / KIT: 14

Hardness: 80Sha


To every product we add grease!

Additional information

Weight 1,92 kg


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