086022B: Rear suspension bush kit 086022B

SKU: 086022B
Available on backorder (5-20 work days)


Available on backorder (5-20 work days)
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KIT ID: 086022B

Name: Rear Suspension Bush KIT


  • Honda Civic 88-91
  • Honda Civic 91-95
  • Honda CRX 88-91
  • Honda CRX del Sol 92-97


  • 4x 081101A Outer Arm to Hub Bush and Inner Track Arm Bush 31mm SPORT
  • 4x 081107A Outer Arm to Hub Bush and Inner Track Arm Bush 35mm SPORT
  • 2x 081102A Rear Lower Shock Mounting Bush SPORT
  • 2x 081103A Rear Upper Outer Link/Hub Bush SPORT
  • 2x 081104A Rear Trailing Arm Mount Bush SPORT
  • 2x 081105B Rear Trailing Arm Mount Bush*
  • 4x 081108A Rear Toe Link Arm Bush SPORT
  • 2x 081171B Rear anti roll bar bush 13mm
  • 2x 081172B Rear Anti roll bar bush 15mm
  • 2x 081196B Rear anti rol bar link bush
  • 2x 081521B Rear anti rol bar link bush


Bushings 081105B can be purchased as a polyurethane “insert”, without metal parts (inner and outer metal sleeve).

To mount the “insert”, an external metal ring and an inner metal sleeve from the old original rubber bush are needed.
Metal parts should be burned or cut. The original internal metal bushing recovered must have a diameter of 30mm, check this value before selecting the “insert” option.

The old bush should be burnt or cut out. Bushing 081105B is not a replacement for the original bushing, the suspension will be stiffened.

Pcs / KIT: 22


Hardness: 80ShA


To every product we add grease!

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Weight 1,83 kg


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