276051B: Full suspension bush kit 276051B

SKU: 276051B
Available on backorder (5-20 work days)


Available on backorder (5-20 work days)
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KIT ID: 276051B

Name: Full suspension bush kit


  • Subaru SVX C12 91-97


  • 2x 271215B Front Anti Roll Bar Bush 18mm
  • 2x 271216A Front Wishbone Rear Bush SPORT
  • 2x 271217A Front Wishbone Front Bush SPORT
  • 2x 271530B Rear Beam Mount
  • 4x 271149B Rear Tie Bar Bush
  • 2X 271150B Rear Tie Bar Bush
  • 2x 271211B Rear Tie Bar Front-Rear Bush
  • 2x 271212B Rear Trailing Arm Rear Bush
  • 2x 271213B Rear Trailing Arm Body Bush
  • 2x 271220B Rear Anti Roll Bar Bush 17mm
  • 4x 271800B Rear crossmember bush
  • 2x 271533B Rear differnetial bush

Pcs / KIT: 28

Some bushes in the kit are only available in 90ShA hardness (yellow) because the original rubber bush is made of a hard rubber compound.
The use of the 80ShA hardness bush (red) will reduce the driving of the car to the original rubber bush.
D2703 Rear suspension Polyurethane Subaru SVX C12
D2704 Front suspension Polyurethane Subaru SVX C12

Hardness: 80ShA


To every product we add grease!

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Weight 5,94 kg


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